Study Suggests Chlorella-Derived Dietary Supplement in Healthy Adults Undergoing Influenza Vaccination is Safe

What is Influenza vaccination?

Influenza is a severe respiratory disorder affected by influenza A or B viruses. It transpires in pestilences almost every year, mainly through the winter or cold period in temperate weather. Influenza viruses evolve their antigenic properties regularly, and their consequent range of spread depends against the susceptivity of the community to infections with different antigens.

Flu vaccines allow antibodies to increase in the body approximately two weeks following vaccination. These antibodies protect infection with the viruses that are utilized to create the vaccine. An influenza vaccine is required every term for two purposes. First, a person’s resistant stability from vaccination weakens over time, so a yearly vaccine is necessitated for optimal assurance. Second, because flu viruses are continually evolving, flu vaccines may be refreshed from one period to the following to defend into the viruses that study implies may be most prevalent throughout the forthcoming flu period.


Improvement of immune capacity has continued to maintain as a benefit of several natural wellness products, although some have been constrained to randomize clinical examinations. Numerous researches had examined the effect of an oral dietary supplement obtained from the safe microalga Chlorella pyrenoidosa on immune response following flu vaccination.

Nutritional supplements and alternative treatments are more of being practiced worldwide as society aims to counteract disease and enhance health. The administrative conditions for the selling of dietary supplements are less acrimonious than those for pharmaceuticals. For several of those supplements, effectiveness data confirming the use are the protest rather than the practice. The health benefits associated with dietary supplements differ extensively.

Chlorella is freshwater unicellular, tiny algae, extensively employed as a diet supplement in Japan. The supplement has continued taken as tablets, pills, extricate liquid or a flavoring additive; claims for health interests have embraced enhancement of immune function. An extract of the safe microalga Chlorella pyrenoidosa was discovered to possess both in vitro and in vivo action activity.


The healthy adults well tolerated the dietary supplement CPE extracted from the microalga C. pyrenoidosa according to a study conducted (Halperin, S. A., Smith, B., Nolan, C., Shay, J., & Kralovec, J. (2003). Safety and immunoenhancing effect of a Chlorella-derived dietary supplement in healthy adults undergoing influenza vaccination: randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. CMAJ: Canadian Medical Association journal = journal de l’Association medicale canadienne169(2), 111–117).

The physiological activity of CPE was confirmed when the research subjects were scaled by age. Because of reduced immunogenicity of the flu vaccine among the subject age. Alternatively, the absence of a result of CPE might be the effect of previous knowledge with related influenza viruses in the higher group heading to an intensified anamnestic response, which would, in a shift, neutralize any immunoenhancing result of the supplement. The study suggest that  supplement could have a high possibility that can be used as an oral supplement if further studies support this claim.