Reasons why Chlorella is the Ultimate Super Food

The health world is always on the lookout for a new supplement. While many made a splash, most have not really stayed around for long. Still, there are those that truly bring about a ton of health and nutritional benefits with them. Most recently, the industry has turned its attention to the under-the-radar powerhouse that is chlorella.

Native to Japan and Taiwan, this blue-green algae is a super-food that is incredibly dense in nutrients. Now available in pill and powder form, it also boasts of numerous health benefits, making it one supplement that you might want to start incorporating into your diet. Below we list down some of the reasons why.

Detoxifying properties

Chlorella can help rid the body of harmful substances and naturally too. It has the ability to wrap itself around body toxins like cadmium uranium, lead, and mercury, preventing them from being reabsorbed. Wen integrated into your regular diet, it can help prevent heavy metals from your organs and soft tissues.


One of the world’s most nutrient-dense supplements, even in small quantities, this super-food is highly packed with healthy goodness. An ounce alone will be tightly packed with vitamins A to C, iron, protein, zinc, and magnesium among others. Imagine the benefits you would get if you will make it a daily habit to incorporate it into your meals.

May help promote weight loss

Research suggests that taking chlorella resulted in lower fasting blood sugar levels, serum total cholesterol, as well as body fat percentage. Chlorella works by regulating the hormones, improving metabolism and helping circulation. It even helps promote higher levels of energy in the process. It is also found to help reduce body fat and weight and can even aid in the removal of stored toxins that the body releases due to weight loss.

Strengthens the immune system

Perhaps one of the reasons why chlorella has become so popular is due to how it helps boost the immune system. Studies noted how the immune systems of healthy individuals responded to chlorella as a supplement. It was suggested that chlorella helps support a healthy immune system. Another notable finding was that it is helpful in promoting the activities of NK or natural killer cells after a certain period of supplementation.

Before taking chlorella, you should know that it has a very strong distinct taste. Taking it on its own may not be for the faint-hearted. However, you always have the choice to incorporate it with other food and drinks as they help mask the taste. You can also get chlorella tablets. They are easy to take and their compact state means you won’t have to get exposed to its bitter, strong taste.