Natural Chlorella Detoxification

While the modern world does bring about a lot of conveniences, it is also a fact that day after day, people are increasingly exposed to harmful chemicals and pollutants. From the water and food you intake, the air you breathe, to even the cosmetics and clothes you wear, there is a constant barrage of harmful substances that constantly threatens your health.

Chlorella- a well-rounded supplement

Chlorella, a tiny green algae often found in freshwater, has been making huge waves in the health industry. A food supplement, a biofuel raw material, and a protein source, it is fast becoming one of today’s top well-rounded superfoods. The unique nutrient profile of the chlorella algae along with its high content of minerals and chlorophyll are quite notable. When taken regularly, studies have suggested that chlorella can address symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, as well as providing a balanced variety of amino acids, essential fatty acids and nucleic acids.

Detoxification and chlorella

Chlorella algae are known for their ability to absorb toxins and heavy metals off the body’s cell walls. On top of that, chlorella holds on to these toxic substances so they can be excreted later on, preventing them from being reabsorbed into the system. This is important as the toxins are kept from getting absorbed by and straining the liver.

Through the regular consumption of the chlorella algae, oxidative stress can be reduced, which then leads to more improved health. Some studies have found that patients who are suffering from high blood pressure can experience a lowering or even stabilization of their blood pressure levels after taking chlorella regularly.

Reasons for detoxifying

Toxins, chemicals, and pollutants are now considered normal parts of everyday life. Unfortunately, it is always hard to perceive them even though they are everywhere. They are inescapable though and in most cases, will just enter the system automatically and involuntarily. When pollutants have accumulated inside the body, chronic diseases might start to surface. Detoxifying via the regular intake of chlorella may help get rid of these toxins.

How to detoxify with chlorella

You can take chlorella in capsule, powder, or pressed form. For detoxification purposes, it is important to maintain regular intake for several months to truly maximize its benefits. Many people mistakenly believe that a two-week period is more than enough. However, the most effective detoxification should be at least 12 weeks, to give the body enough time to remove the toxins and heavy metals from the system.