Chlorella Powder And Uses

Chlorella Powder is known for its rich supply of antioxidants and nutrients. Popular for its detoxifying benefits, this edible algae also contains high levels of vitamin A, iron, and vitamins B and C. Chlorella is also promoted for its immune-boosting properties. Many of its proponents claim that it is also beneficial for your digestive health and your heart.

This super green food, however, being an algae, may not taste that good when taken on its own. Most people would equate the taste to green veggie juice and if you are not a fan of that, taking your daily dose of chlorella may be a challenge. Here are some ways you can add chlorella powder to your diet to make it taste better.

Use it for baking

It doesn’t hurt to sift a bit of chlorella powder into your flour before you turn it into some tasty cake, cookies, or bread. The powder will likely turn your dough or batter green but the sweet taste of the dessert will be effective at masking the green veggie taste. You may even combine it with sweet cream and honey and drizzle it on top of any baked good and that should help improve its taste.

Mix it in smoothies

Add a nutritional boost to all your smoothie recipes with a bit of chlorella powder. One spoonful, when incorporated with a sweet smoothie recipe containing honey or fruit, should help mask the bitterness of the powder. This is one tasty way of getting the full benefits of chlorella as you start your day.

Add it to your dishes

Another way of incorporating chlorella into your diet without really having to deal with the not-so-pleasant taste is to add it to your cooking. A teaspoon or so added into a stir-fry or incorporated into a sauce is one way to up the level of nutrition to your recipes. If you love salads, a little bit of the powder added to your vinaigrette certainly isn’t a bad idea. Even your pasta dishes or the staple mashed potatoes can use a bit of chlorella goodness in them.

Go for the capsule-form

If you are really finding it hard to bear the bitter taste that chlorella powder is associated with, you can always take it in capsule form instead. Not a lot of people are keen on tweaking their recipes spoon adding chlorella into their food or drinks may not be an option. If you do not want to miss out on the many health benefits of chlorella, you can buy it in capsule form instead so taking it should be easy.

How chlorella tastes will depend heavily on it was grown. If grown in an environment that doesn’t have a very high standard, it does have a tendency to have an awful fishy smell and taste. Ensuring that you are only buying properly-sourced chlorella is important so not only will it taste better, but you’ll get the most out of its benefits too.