Chlorella Immune System Boost

When it comes to your overall well-being, one crucial player is your immune system. Responsible for keeping your body functioning at its optimal shape, improving your immunity is key towards staying healthy.

There are many things you can do to ensure that your immune system is in tiptop shape. From getting enough rest to washing your hands, many steps can be taken to avoid unnecessarily exposing your body to possible health risks. More importantly, the kind of food that you eat can play a huge factor too. The right food when taken at the right quantity can spell a whole lot of difference in keeping sickness and diseases at bay.

Immune-supporting superfood

One superfood that has been gaining a lot of attention in recent years is the algae chlorella. Often cultivated in freshwater settings, chlorella is known for being packed with nutrients, minerals and vitamins, it is claimed to offer a host of health and nutritional benefits from weight loss to immunity boosts, making it one of the best-rounded supplements out there.

One of the theories supporting the immune-boosting property of chlorella is the CGF or chlorella growth factor. A nucleic acid complex, this unique feature of the chlorella algae allows it to grow at such astonishing speed. When consumed and passed on to the human cells, CGF is believed to deliver crucial nutrients to help promote cellular repair and regeneration. Studies have also found that regular consumption of chlorella can lead to more improved elements of the immune system including enhanced immune response and mucosal immunity.

Chlorella is also packed with chlorophyll, vitamin D, iron, and many more. Aside from the positive boost it provides to the immune system, this plant has also been known to provide energy. The high-quality nutrition that this plant promotes means that it can be effective at supporting the cells, keeping you energized as you go about your daily activities.

There is also the added benefit of gentle purification from the regular consumption of chlorella. Its ability to support the natural detoxification process of the body means that it is essential in ensuring the overall health of the body’s elimination organs. With elements that help get rid of the toxin buildup inside the body, the unique nutrients found in chlorella can be helpful in purifying the body.

Chlorophyll is also known for its positive effect in maintaining fresh breath and supporting the natural waste eliminating processes of the body. While chlorophyll is found in all green plants, chlorella is known to be one of these day’s most abundant sources. Available in tablet or powder, you can take chlorella by itself or by adding it to your food, baked goods, smoothies, and drinks.