Chlorella For Weight Loss

Losing weight often requires you to exercise regularly and go for healthier food options. However, making these changes isn’t always a walk in the park. With most leading hectic schedules and fast-paced lifestyles, it can be a real struggle to make a dent in your goal of getting your pounds down.

If you’ve put on some flab and you’re not really keen on spending a lot of time in the gym or to stick to a strict diet, one of Earth’s tiniest organisms may just be the solution for you. Chlorella, a green algae, has been making waves in the health world thanks to the ton of health benefits it is packed with. An excellent source of nutrients, it is packed with beta carotene, protein, nucleic acid, vitamins, and not to mention, a ton of chlorophyll. Here are some of the ways that chlorella can aid in your weight loss journey.

Regulates the digestive system

Most problems associated with excess weight and obesity are generally linked to certain chemicals along the digestive system. One of the ways chlorella can help with weight loss is how it promotes the production of healthy bacteria, flora, and probiotics in the digestive tract. This promotes healthy digestions which can result in better overall health.

Rich in fiber, the increase in microflora production along the intestines due to chlorella can help promote the feeling of fullness which reduces your tendency to overeat. This also helps in better waste disposal, thus, effectively removing harmful substances from the body.

Reduces cravings

Chlorella is known for its high nutritional content. These essential nutrients are helpful in restoring the balance of nutritional deficits in the body so the optimal cellular function of the tissues is restored. Malnutrition is usually a factor that affects obese and overweight people. When complete nutrition is supplied, intense food cravings can be relived.

When consumed on a regular basis, chlorella will cause the body to crave less. As a result, the hunger cycle also improves and the need to consume refined foods is diminished as well. Chlorella contains a high concentration of GLA or gamma-linolenic acid which can normalize insulin activity and restore hormone health at the same time. When the sugar levels are stabilized, you crave less.

Blocks fat cell production

Studies suggest that incorporating chlorella to your diet will not just help block fat cell production, but will also shrink existing ones. Chlorella may be helpful in causing fat cells to drop dead while leaving untouched the other healthy cells. It is also suggested that chlorella may be responsible for reducing the amount of fat hell inside fat cells, thereby shrinking them in the process.

Low calories

Despite being super low in calorie content, chlorella is considered a nutritionally complete food. A rich vitamin source, it can help in the stimulation of the production of red blood cells as well as dilation in the arteries, crucial for muscle growth, improved restoration and metabolism, and muscle tissue oxygenation. The high iodine content in chlorella also makes it ideal for addressing thyroid imbalances- often a glaring issue in most weight problems.